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     A place where you bring the stories to life!

Whether you are an exclusive school group of 10 or a larger whole school group, The ImagiMill will bring the story to you!

The ImagiMill is a unique storytelling experience in which children become part of the tale. The ImagiMill offers a wide range of stories selected to support the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 curriculum in schools which children imagine themselves amid the adventure.

So, whether you want to take a journey into the magical world of folk and fairy tales, travel into chaos with Ancient Gods, walk in the footsteps of the Norsemen, or battle with dragons through medieval times, we’ll have a tale for you.

Offering a storytelling experience brought to you, in and around Warwickshire. There’s so much more to discover…

Deepen the story experience by adding supporting creative activities in which children explore key themes within the tale and, to finish, create an artistic show piece!

The ImagiMill also offers  parties for children. We offer a selection of traditional  and fairy stories where your child becomes the star of the story!

Step into a murder mystery...
A unique party idea aimed for adults!

Theme your party and let me bring a favourite Agatha Christie story or a bespoke whodunnit to you!

You and your guests will take part in the storytelling to investigate a murder mystery themed tale.

Imagine Explore Create

The Legend of King Arthur

Arthur, first born son of King Uther Pendragon, heir to the throne, protected by Merlin, raised in a secret place destined to be the foundation of legend for centuries - a story of bravery, loyalty, battle, treachery, magic, love and dragons in search of the Holy Grail.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling - a drama workshop which explores the impact of humankind on the environment.

Robin Hood

Step into the world where the unfree rise up against lords. Serfs and Villeins have had enough in this retelling of a hero who stands up for the poor and protects the good and just.

Wizard of Oz

Help Dorothy and her friends find their hearts' desire over the rainbow. Make friends with munchkins, fight with witches, survive deadly flowers and explore the enchanted world of Oz to discover there really is no place like home.

Hatter's Tea Party

The session is aimed for children and babies from 6 months upwards and will be relaxed, flexible and very inclusive. Join me for a sensory and interactive retelling of Alice in Wonderland, sweet making and biscuit decorating!

Walk into Wonderland

Take a walk into Wonderland and discover a topsy turvy world where nothing is quite what it seems. Meet the Cheshire Cat, paint roses red to help out the cards, befriend the Queen of Hearts and never really finish a cup if tea with a sleepy dormouse. It's all stuff and nonsense really!

Gulliver's Travels

Sail with Gulliver as he explores new land and meets worlds beyond his imagination. Feel like a giant, escape from pirates, talk with thoughtful horses, mix with scientists on floating lands and reflect which really are the best parts of society.

Imagine Explore Create

Ancient Civilisations

Let your children walk with the Ancient Gods! Whether they explore the power struggles of Ancient Greece or Rome, adventure through the legends of Ancient China or cross paths with Saxon supernatural stories and Nordic mythology. Children will be immersed in a choice of ancient worlds and discover they might not be so different after all!


Children can step into Wonderland with Alice, make friends in the jungle with Mowgli, run into The Tales of Peter Rabbit, or fight for good in the tales of Narnia. Perhaps they prefer to protect Earth from invading aliens in a War of Worlds through a science fiction adventure. Or children can explore an Animal Farm in which inequality and power engulfs the lives of others. Children could also imagine the world of Victorian history and question the rights of children in an era when their voices weren't always heard. Choose from the classics!

Seasonal and Religious Tales

Celebrate the calendar with stories from all year round! Perhaps a story to celebrate Easter, Christmas or Solstice? Get creepy with Halloween, pagan or Grimm's Tales. Or race into the Chinese New Year with the animals whose qualities show difference and strength. Let children colour Holi celebrations as good conquers evil, or light the path for Rama in Diwali celebrations. They can reflect on the world through the tales and morality of Buddhism or explore the stories behind Eid, Hanukkah or Vaisakhi. Your choice the year has so much to offer!

Fairy and Folk Tales

Choose a favourite fairy or folk tale and let me bring it to life so the children can walk into worlds of magic, explore with well loved characters and feel the adventure as they travel through the story with their friends!

Rhymes and Stories for Younger Children

Let children laugh their way into the upside down world of Nursery Rhymes. Children explore a medley of rhymes to sing and dance their way through. The children will help to solve the problems the characters create and offer wise words so better decisions are made for the future! Children will help to build a world for characters through an active tale where two worlds meet.


The choice of story is tailored to your school or child's need. If there is a particular topic or story you'd like children to explore, just let me know and I will create a tale around the themes required. Each story will be interactive throughout where the telling of it is built with the children. The flexibility of this creates a story that is inclusive and unique, which becomes a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone taking part.

Imagine Explore Create


You can build a workshop that best suits your school! £80 - storytelling experience 45 min (approx) £40 - supporting activity 20 mins (approx) £150 - a longer more in-depth workshop that includes the above and more! 2 hours £120 - whole school assembly (including a Q&A discussion) 1 hour

Experience Days

£250 Choose a whole day's experience on a theme of your choice and bring it to life through an interactive storytelling experience, complimented by supporting activities, that are brought together in a small visual performance piece! Choose from stories around Ancient Civilisations and Empires, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, significant historical events or simply a traditional folk or fairy tale. Have something else you'd like to try? Email me and we can discuss your requirements.

Children’s Parties, Family & Community Events

£120-200 (approx 60-90 mins) Telling your child's favourite fairy or folk tale through a fun interactive storytelling with their friends, followed by active games for the VIP and party guests. £250 Bespoke stories - where you child is the star of the story! £7.50 per child Add a party bag - includes a copy of the story, certificate, gift, medals for all the guests and a trophy for the star! Or book for a local family or community event by the hour! £120 for 1 hour then £50 for each additional hour!

Imagine Explore Create

Phantom of the Opera image
A adaptation of the Gaston Leroux novel by Tony Peters Performed by Susannah Foy, Simon Kemp and Mark Spriggs.

In the dark labyrinths of the Paris Opera House lurks a man with a deadly secret. His love for a singer has given birth to a crazed obsession…he is watching…he is waiting…This is a compelling tale of enchantment, passion and murder. Beneath the Opera House in Paris, somewhere in the dark labyrinths hidden from the public’s eyes, the Phantom lurks. In his crazed obsession to further the career of a beautiful young singer he will stop at nothing, not even murder. Who is the Phantom of the Opera? What are his dark and deadly designs? And what ghastly secret lies beneath his mask?

Wednesday 2 October 7.30pm
Thursday 3 October 7.30pm
Saturday 5 October 7.30pm

THE ADAPTATION The adaptation by Tony Peters is based on the Gaston Leroux novel, but contains mainly original dialogue, and develops aspects of the story rarely presented on stage. It was originally commissioned by Arts Council funded

Imagine Explore Create


With over 30 years experience teaching primary aged children, I have always been dedicated to find ways to enhance children's creative learning. I have been the manager of two nursery aged settings - in the UK and Germany - and loved being the Deputy Head in a local school in Warwick. For the last five years, I have taught as part of the Learning Team with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, where I create and deliver educational workshops and stories about Shakespeare for preschool and primary aged children. I started my own company this year to provide a wide range of bespoke stories, workshops and parties across the Midlands.

I have always had a huge passion for all aspects of the theatre and performing arts - from professionally acting as a child, specialising in Creative Arts as a primary school teacher and undertaking many arts projects throughout my career. In September, I performed in a 2 person play FORGING REMBRANDT with Lanternfish Promotions and Simon Kemp at the The Bear Pit in Stratford-upon-Avon.  In October, I will be performing an adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, written my Tony Peters, in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon, alongside Simon Kemp and Mark Spriggs.

This very special company has children at its heart. The ImagiMill inspires children through the imaginative world of stories. Children immerse themselves in an interactive storytelling experience. While taking part in the storytelling, children see themselves actively telling and shaping the tale. With a passion for education, Early Years and the theatre, I am able to to create stories around children and their needs and understanding, regardless of age or ability.

We imagine, explore & create together!

Imagine Explore Create

Loxley Primary school

The buzz and excitement around school was palpable - the children thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Susie catered really well for the diverse age-ranges."

"The children were all engaged and enthusiastic about the activities."

"Good use of the local environment."

"Susie used wonderful props, which helped bring the story to life."

"Susie is a very engaging storyteller and involved all of the children."

"The children worked so well together with great opportunities for teamwork."

"The children loved performing. It was great to see their confidence grow."

"It was fantastic fun - we will definitely be inviting Susie back again."

Year 1

I liked seeing all of my friends joining in.

Teaching Staff

Fast-paced and engaging for all ages. Everyone was encouraged to take part.

Year 3

It was fun and it was good that she chose lots of people and didn't leave people out.

Year 2

Enjoyed performance, loved that we all got to take part.

Year 1

It was interesting and imaginative.

8-9 year old

I liked that people got to come up and act.

Year 3

I enjoyed holding the mirror and running around. I liked the talking table (though I don't think it was supposed to be talking!).

Teaching Staff

Really good, super engaging, smaller children did well to sit for an hour without wanting attention.

3-5 year old

I liked the tortoise joke.

Year 1

I liked the bit when Susie threw the roses and cards.

Year 3

I liked it because it was funny.  We got to use props and it followed the story. I liked the lollipops.

Year 1

It was so funny!

Teaching Staff

I thought it was fabulous how you wove the story with acting, role play entertaining the audience... A magical way to start World Book Day!

8-9 years old

I loved how the storyteller used props. I really LOVED it.

Year 2

Really good, had lots of good stuff in it.

Deputy Head

What a wonderful way to launch World Book Day celebrations - An event that was enjoyed by all!

3-5 year old

I liked when people laughed.

Year 4

The whole school approach worked well in a circle with lots of props and volunteers. 

8-9 years old

I loved it, I think how she let everyone act is amazing.

3-5 year old

I liked being in the story.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom

Imagine Explore Create

Booking and Payment for Easter and Spring 2023

Please ring, text or email to register your interest and story selection. You will then be sent an invoice by email. Once payment has been received, I will send an email confirming your child's place(s) and further details of the session.


Once the booking has been made, a confirmation email and invoice will be sent to the organiser stating the agreed date, timing, and choice storytelling session/s. A deposit of 20% will be required at least 2 weeks before the agreed date of the storytelling session. The full balance of payment should then be provided before or on the day of the agreed session date. Payment can be made by BACS, cash or cheque.


The timings of the session will be agreed with the organiser beforehand and stated in the confirmation email. I will arrive to set up at least 30 minutes before the start of the session. If more time is required, it will be agreed with the organiser before arrival. Please advise on the parking arrangements, before the date of the session.


If there are adverse weather, traffic or health conditions which affect arrival on the day, it may be necessary to alter the start time or reschedule. Alternative dates will be offered at no extra cost. If the school or party organiser cancels with less than 2 weeks’ notice and no alternative date is required, the school or party organiser will be liable for the full payment of the session.


Once the booking has been confirmed, I will bring everything to you! You will experience an individual and interactive storytelling party, session or workshop tailored to the needs of the audience built around the children's interest, topic and requirements. For all children to fully participate in the storytelling experience!


An email address to use in order to communicate with the organiser. Parking A hall or classroom or outside space in which to deliver the session. 30 minutes to set up 20 minutes to clear away Children and staff willing to enjoy the experience!


The ImagiMill has full Public Liability Insurance. Susannah Foy holds a current Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service Certificate under The ImagiMill.