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Ancient Civilisations

Let your children walk with the Ancient Gods! Whether they explore the power struggles of Ancient Greece or Rome, adventure through the legends of Ancient China or cross paths with Saxon supernatural stories and Nordic mythology. Children will be immersed in a choice of ancient worlds and discover they might not be so different after all!


Children can step into Wonderland with Alice, make friends in the jungle with Mowgli, run into The Tales of Peter Rabbit, or fight for good in the tales of Narnia. Perhaps they prefer to protect Earth from invading aliens in a War of Worlds through a science fiction adventure. Or children can explore an Animal Farm in which inequality and power engulfs the lives of others. Children could also imagine the world of Victorian history and question the rights of children in an era when their voices weren't always heard. Choose from the classics!

Seasonal and Religious Tales

Celebrate the calendar with stories from all year round! Perhaps a story to celebrate Easter, Christmas or Solstice? Get creepy with Halloween, pagan or Grimm's Tales. Or race into the Chinese New Year with the animals whose qualities show difference and strength. Let children colour Holi celebrations as good conquers evil, or light the path for Rama in Diwali celebrations. They can reflect on the world through the tales and morality of Buddhism or explore the stories behind Eid, Hanukkah or Vaisakhi. Your choice the year has so much to offer!

Fairy and Folk Tales

Choose a favourite fairy or folk tale and let me bring it to life so the children can walk into worlds of magic, explore with well loved characters and feel the adventure as they travel through the story with their friends!

Rhymes and Stories for Younger Children

Let children laugh their way into the upside down world of Nursery Rhymes. Children explore a medley of rhymes to sing and dance their way through. The children will help to solve the problems the characters create and offer wise words so better decisions are made for the future! Children will help to build a world for characters through an active tale where two worlds meet.


The choice of story is tailored to your school or child's need. If there is a particular topic or story you'd like children to explore, just let me know and I will create a tale around the themes required. Each story will be interactive throughout where the telling of it is built with the children. The flexibility of this creates a story that is inclusive and unique, which becomes a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone taking part.